Does Manila save money?

Wed, 2 Apr 2003 16:57:19 -0600

I work at a university. Budgets are tight and getting tighter. No big 
secret there. I'd still like to see the college that I am a part of 
implement a manila server.

Would you have a real world example how Manila has saved your company 
or organization time and money that you could share with me? Around 
here we always have to find out how everyone else is doing it before we 
can choose a path.

We, on the inside, all know Manila does great things and would be a 
great benefit to our students. But, I'll never get the administration 
to drop a couple of grand on a server unless it is really going to save 
money by reducing work load or printing costs or streamlining some 

All examples from any environment are welcome!!


/kelly thomas
School of Journalism
Daily Egyptian