Using radio and Frontier/Manila together.

Graham Heyes
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 11:20:47 -0400

I've been trying to use radio and Manila together with some success and 
some frustration. I can connect Radio to my Manila site and edit/create 
stories as Radio outlines which is very nice, especially using 
formatting rules to auto format outlines. Anyway two things stand out:

1) I seem to have this thing called a "Radio Weblog" which exists by 
virtue of having installed Radio. Now I bought Radio because I thought 
that using outlines with Manila would be nice but I have this "Radio 
Weblog" sitting there which is (of course) the reason that a lot of 
other people buy Radio. The issue I have is that I can't work out if or 
how I can have the Radio Weblog and the Manila site be the same thing 
(or at least one a subset of the other) so that when I upstream from 
Radio the content goes to my Manila site and not to whatever place the 
Radio weblog lives.

2) The second issue follows from the first. I want to add graphics to 
my pages that I generate from outlines edited by Radio. At the moment 
the only way that I have found is to go to my Manila site, upload the 
picture  to the Pictures page then refer to the picture using it's 
shortcut name from the outline. Is there a better way of doing this 
purely from Radio???

The reason for all of this mess is simple. The Manila site is on an 
Apple Xserve server which is not visible from outside of our firewall. 
I had thought that I could use Radio on my laptop offline at home or on 
travel  then stream new content to the server when I am back in the 
office. Any ideas on how to use Manila and Radio in this way??

	Thank you in advance,