Does Manila save money?

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Thank you for taking the time to share your story, Dan. I really 
appreciate it and I think your story/experiences will help me get 
something going. At least I'll have more to talk about and someone will 
have to listen. :-) Frequently, large organizations, like universities, 
don't like to do something that no-one else is doing. At least around 


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> Anyway, before Manila we had about 30 faculty web sites - after about 5
> years of development and training. Three months after we began offering
> Manila sites and training we had over 150 sites. We now have well over
> 200.
> The costs are incredibly low. In our case they are in the low to mid
> 5-figure range.

> You can visit our support site at
> Contact me at
> if you want more information.
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>> I work at a university.
>> We, on the inside, all know Manila does great things and would be a
>> great benefit to our students. But, I'll never get the administration
>> to drop a couple of grand on a server unless it is really going to
>> save money by reducing work load or printing costs or streamlining
>> some process.
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