Can't Find Pages Error & Print-Friendly

Nathaniel Cordova
Mon, 04 Aug 2003 12:07:42 -0700

Hi Folks:

I'm running into two problems somewhat related:

1) I'm using the following as a print-friendly link in my pages  
{printFriendlyLink (pictureRef ("miniprinter"))} <i>print-friendly 

it displays nicely, but when I click on the link it gives me an error, 
can't find the page, because it directs itself to:


I want it to go to: 
  (my Frontier/Manila run on my Mac under OSX and the  University has me 
going through a proxy for access by the outside world)

How do I fix this problem so that when I click on the print-friendly 
icon it directs me to the right place?

2) When I go to add a shortcut I get the following error:

Page not found.  There was an error accessing the document: 
  The file does not exist.

When I go to the Prefs, Appearance section I get the same error:

There was an error accessing the document: 
  The file does not exist.

This is the funky part. I get the same error in the Prefs:Editorial 
section but the changes I made are actually done. So, my deleting 
content editors and then clicking on submit at the bottom of the page 
generates the error page but the content editors are actually deleted. 
This does not happen with the shortcuts.

I suspect this is related to the same situation with my proxy, but I 
don't know how to go about solving it. How do I go about telling my 
site to just look at one address for every link (and also for 
shortcuts)? I've changed the site address from the manage my site page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.