MIME type problem (Plugin is handling other files)

Raghunatha Reddy Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Sat, 1 Feb 2003 17:40:29 -0800


I have a IE plugin for Mac OS, whose MIME type is 
"application/octet-stream". This plugin is used to download a file with 
extension ".pgm".
Since the MIME type of the application is similar to HexEdit, when I 
down load .bin files from other web sites, IE is loading the plugin. 
Because of this the plugin is handling the .bin file, which is a bug;-(

The file which is supposed to be handled by the IE plugin is created 
with HexEdit. When I change the MIME type of the plugin to other name, 
IE is not loading the plugin when I down load the file of type ".pgm".  
IE loads the plugin only when the MIME type is 
"application/octet-stream"  while downloading the file. The information 
in the "File Helpers" properties of the IE is OK for all the fields.

I have some questions, does IE loads the plugin based on file extension 
( in my case it's not doing this).

I have tried to get the EMBED tag information for "SRC" key in the 
plugin to for the file extension, so that the plugin return's error 
when the file is not of type ".pgm". But in the plugin I was unable to 
get the file name (SRC key value).

I have tried by changing the file type and creator code of the 
downloadable file, it didn't work. How does IE gets the MIME type 
information from file to be downloaded.