A Comedy of Errors

Nathaniel I. Cordova Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 05:26:31 -0800

Alright, let me ask this again because I'm losing steam here.

My University set up a proxy server so that folks from outside would have
access to my Manila sites, etc.  My friends from various places can now see
the sites and navigate through the links.  But I am having some trouble:

1) when I go to post a picture, I get the following error:
Sorry! There was an error: The folder =B3pixRHET365:=B2 wasn=B9t found.

No idea what that's about. But would like it to work since I am presenting
on Tuesday on my projects, and the question will come up about adopting
Manila for students.

2) Connecting from another campus computer went fine. I navigated nicely
through various stories. BUT... Something happened, I know not what and the
browser started refusing to load the site or even find it. The same site it
had loaded a few minutes before. (This was after the getting the error in
step 1 above). I tried a different browser. I waited a few minutes. Quit an=
restarted the browsers. Nada. Nothing.

3) I noticed that in the Set Up Frontier page there is an option at the
bottom of the page to enter proxy settings. Should I enter anything here no=
and set up Frontier again? I also noted that when I selected Set Up
Frontier, the base url that comes up is a bit off (my computer is now sml-4=
rather than smu45).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mr. Carter-Tod sent me some info on
redirecting URLS (for a previous post) but after reading the docs to which
he points I'm still uncertain.

So here's one site's address after the proxy:


The address really is the one for my machine:

Is there anything I can do at this end rather than having to go through the
Tech folks at the university?