Newbie Wonderings

Nathaniel I. Cordova
Sat, 04 Jan 2003 12:18:21 -0800

Hi Folks:

I will be obtaining Frontier and Manila very soon. The purchase order is
off! : ) But a quick question before the package arrives. I am interested in
having my students (about 15 students) work in teams to develop course units
to put on the web. This would be a semester long project that includes
annotated bibliography of resources, links, etc., commentary, original
essays by the students, images, etc. Each group would be responsible for
completion of an excellent project on a subject matter covered in class. I
envision five groups of three students each.

My question is whether I can do this easily enough with Manila. That is, can
I grant students permission so that each particular team can work on
developing their site, ultimately having all team sites linked as part of a
comprehensive course site?  Would there be any major difficulties in
allowing them access to developing their own site? Anybody out there already
doing something similar?


N. Cordova