Bad links after moving a site

Colleen McBrien
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 15:04:22 -0900

  I just downloaded a site from the Manila server to our Frontier server 
using the downloadMySite/MySite.root trick. The original site URL was and I wanted the new address to be I installed the site from the server 
menu and designated as the URL, but 
when I tried to open the site from that URL I got an error message 
saying "Sorry! There was an error: Cant evaluate the expression because 
the name writeon hasnt been defined."

I am able to open the site from and would be willing to 
settle for that, but most of the links don't work because they are 
pointing to as the root level of the 
site. I went into the #urls table of the .root file and manually changed 
the URLs that were listed there. My problem is that there are still 
dozens of links throughout the site that are pointing to /writeon 
instead of /writeonmanilasitescom and I can't find a way into the HTML 
code to make the changes. I can't even log in to access the code in the 
usual way because the login page gives me the previously mentioned error.

In a nutshell I have two questions...

1. Can I somehow change the URL to (I 
tried the "Change Site URL" command in Frontier and nothing happened)? 

2. Can I somehow access the HTML code on the Frontier server so that I 
can manually change any offending links?

Thanks in advance.