javascript new window in Manila

Jörg Kantel
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:24:19 +0100

Am Montag den, 13. Januar 2003, um 00:18, schrieb Scott:

> I would like to use a javascript to open a new window to 
> display some content. In the following function,

Scott, llok at this: 
<> (it's in 
German, sorry)

The example is with an image but you can also put an HTML-page 
instead the image within the <a href=...>-Tag. You should put 
the JavaScript in the HEAD-Section of your page and the last 
snippet of code (with the "onClick"-function) there, where you 
want to put the link for your popup-window. (The middle snippet 
of code is only an example of bad code ;o)


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