Don Wolff
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:02:34 -0800

If I remember correctly on 1/28/03 8:40 AM Nathaniel I. Cordova wrote:

> The address for the site is:
> The IP address of the machine that is hosting the Manila site would be my
> Mac, so I imagine you don't mean the 127.0.0...  Right?  My Mac's address
> would be:

Okay, here is what I know from this information. First, I can't even ping
your machine by IP address, this may not be the end-all issue if your
firewall or router on campus doesn't allow ICMP packets through. But it does
lead me to believe there is no connectivity to your machine from the

The DNS entry leads me no where. So there are some DNS issues with this
address as well. I did a look-up for and the
authoritative DNS server for has no record for this name.

>From this info. It seems that you should talk with the network folks on
campus and have them give you a hand on why you can't get to this from



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