How do you edit the default theme

Lawrence Lee
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 13:39:58 -0700

You can do this by making a test site which you can use to modify the
template/colors etc. Then click Prefs in the Editors Only menu at the top of
the page and then select Advanced->Theme.
Choose Yes to "make this site cloneable as a theme". And change the theme
name to "Default". You can also choose a different name/email address if you
don't want it to be displayed by the Theme name on the Themes page.

Then click the Submit button.
You should see a new line appear in the Theme section of the prefs page:
"Your theme can be downloaded here." Click the "here" link and save the
.fttb file to disk.

Rename it to Default.fttb and save it to the \Guest Databases\ops\Themes
folder. Replacing the existing file called Themes.fttb.

Then test by applying the Default theme to one of your sites. On the Themes
preferences page, you should also see the name/email address you defined on
the Advanced:Theme page.


[] On Behalf Of Tracy Adams
	Sent: July 29, 2003 1:22 PM
	Subject: How do you edit the default theme

	I see this in the user guide:


	>>The Default theme
	>>A theme named Default is required. If you want only one theme
enabled, make it the Default theme. As with other >>themes, you're free to
edit it. If you want every site on your server to start with the same theme,
this is how you do it.


	I understand how to apply the Default theme to a given site and also
how to edit the theme of a given site.

	However, how to do "edit" the default theme so that the changes go
to all new sites.


	Thank you,