pretty manila sites

Peter Thirkell
Thu, 22 May 2003 15:51:19 +1200

> I hope you find these interesting & helpful. We're proud of them.

These sites are brilliant! They raise a few questions in my mind, but for
starters how did you get the "Folder Tag" effect to work on the PR Society
site? The background navigation bar graphic changes depending on exactly
which page is being viewed - but I can't figure out how!

Also do you design your layouts in a layout (Dreamweaver; Golive; etc)
programme first and then "transplant" the page code into the Manilla
templates, or do you just code by hand from scratch?

Thanks any advice - and do you mind any further questions? A couple of your
layouts are exactly what I had hoped to achieve someday - great inspiration
showing that it can be done.