Making some school websites

Tue Aug 10 19:13:12 PDT 2004

Thanks for all who are helping me through this initial learning curve -
I feel like a true newbie (almost as if I've never done anything with a
computer before).....
We've set up a server and started to make some sites - one for each
building in my district (we have 8).  I want to make this as easy as
possible on the teachers who will be creating web sites, so ...
If I have my sites set up
How do I make it so a teacher can easy make a site in the fashion of
http://district/school/teacher  ????
I want to be involved - but as little as possible.  My best guess is
I'm making this harder than it really is.
Thoughts appreciated
Louis Loeffler
Supervisor of Technology - Sun Prairie Public Schools
District Office - 501 S. Bird St
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
608.834.8609 - phone
608.837.9311 - fax

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