How to: putting links in the navigation section

Laura Gordon-Murnane lgordonm at
Tue Jul 13 08:16:06 PDT 2004

I am fairly new to Manila/Frontier and I am trying to set up
a blog that will have several navigation sections on the
right hand column.  I understand how to add links to the
navigation section but I am stumped on how to add links to
new sections that I would like to add to the right column.
If I want to create new sections that include a Blogroll, or
Frequently Requested Links, or some other Section.
Therefore, I want to create several new section and each new
section will have a list of links/resources that I want to
offer to my readers.  Can someone walk me through the
process of how this works.  I have read the userguide and
have tried playing with the advanced navigation option but
still haven't found a way for it work.  Your help is greatly


Laura Gordon-Murnane
Intranet Web Master
Washington, DC
lgordonm at

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