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Hi Louis -
The best way to go about this is to grab a book on CSS.  It will be a
handy reference for you.
That said, here is a little CSS that will work for you and your
  a:link {
    font-color:  #000000;
  a:hover {
    font-color:  #000000;
  a:visited {
    font-color:  #000000;
Obviously, you'll just change to meet your needs.

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As I stumble along I need to ask some advice on a template I am making.
For reasons longer than I want to go into, I am recycling the look/feel
of my existing site (please see In doing so
I have made this beginning with a three column table (see attachment).
Unfortunetly, I have not figured out how to have the links, visited
links and highlighted links in the left and right columns be a color
other than deep blue - which will not show up well.  I believe it
entails using styles - or something else - but I am unfamilair with
them.  Any thoughts to assist?
Louis Loeffler
Supervisor of Technology - Sun Prairie Public Schools
District Office - 501 S. Bird St
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
608.834.8609 - phone
608.837.9311 - fax

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