macro for that little mail item

Lawrence Lee lawrence at
Thu Mar 25 15:00:55 PST 2004

Hi Susan,

Sorry, but there currently isn't a macro for that in Manila. But I'll make a
post to our bug tracking database to add it.

Currently, you'll need to create your own link to your profile page (click
your name in one of your discussion group posts). You shold see the yellow
mail envelope icon on that page.


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> I tried to find the macro for the mail item.
> what's displayed: The little yellow mail envelope icon.
> What happens: Clickign that link goes to a form to send email 
> to owner of site, bypassing the need to post yet another 
> mailto: address that'll get harvested and increase my spam 
> count yet again.
> I'd like to post that email link/envelope icon anywhere, such 
> as in a message saying "email me" What macro should I use for that?
> Susan
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