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Mon Nov 15 11:28:26 PST 2004

This is a question from a *real* newbie. I'm very new to all this, and last summer I took a workshop in which I learned how to create a schoolblogs site for my community college ESL writing class. It's still in progress, at

I'm excited about its possibilities, but it navigates slowly, and last month when I had the whole class of 30 in a computer lab, trying to teach them how to use it, it was very slow indeed and kept freezing up, so that we just gave up on it. My questions are:

a) Could this problem partly due to the equipment we were using in the lab, or is it schoolblogs itself that is slow? 

b) Can I easily move the site over to another (probably not free) program that will navigate faster? How do I do this?

Actually, I just visited the site and found that it does not navigate slowly right now. Has something different happened to it since October?

Thanks--Annie Agard

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