WYSIWYG edit question

Dean Landsman dean at land-com.net
Sat Nov 27 22:14:48 PST 2004

Since switching to Firefox I have changed my editorial preference to 
WYSIWYG.  This solves the issue of the edit/format choice bar not 
showing while in Firefox.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, and only since I began switched to 
WYWSYG, pictures just don't work right.  If I post a picture simply 
using the quote marks and the picture name, it will appear.  But the 
WYSIWYG system offers no alignment choices.  I try typing in 
Manila-html-ish commands, such as

            {pictureRef (" TG Day 2004 #6", align:"left")} 

but it rejects it as no such shortcut existing.  Yet if I put " TG Day 
2004 #6" in there, it posts it, aligns the picture to the left, but will 
not have the copy wrap beside the picture.  So WYSIWYG rejects the code 
that worked when editing in IE or Avant Browser, but not using WYSIWYG.  
And in WYSIWYG there's no alignment/wraparound choice, or at least that 
I can see.

Surely there's a simple and obvious answer to this . . . right?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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