Does manila rendor slowly?

Lawrence Lee lawrence at
Wed Feb 9 13:25:28 PST 2005

Can you post or email me the URL of one of the pages in question so we can
take a look at it here.
Also, what are the specs of the machine running Manila and what kind of
Internet connection does it have?

Lawrence Lee
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A teacher sent me a copy of an email from a parent....

Thanks for the progress report. Love to have communication with my kid's
teachers. However, one note about your blog. The weblog publishing
system you are using creates very bloated slow loading pages.  I can
tell you for a fact that your website will be useless for any kid, like
...., with dial-up access to the internet at home. Even with my T1
line, the site is painfully slow and prone to crashing. Given that your
site seems very rich with content and resources for the kids, be sure
that those with dial-up know that they will need to use the site from a
computer at the library.
Thanks for your hard work


Have any of you had issues with this?
Louis Loeffler
Supervisor of Technology - Sun Prairie Public Schools
District Office - 501 S. Bird St
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
608.834.6509 - phone
608.837.9311 - fax

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