Does WYSIWYG prevent HTML?

Scott Granneman scott at
Fri Jan 14 17:59:58 PST 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 04:10 am, Dean Landsman wrote:
> Again a question regarding how and why WYSIWYG seems to subvert the most
> basic of html tags (that used to work fine before I went to FireFox and
> switched to WYSIWYG):
> Why does the tag <hr> not show as a hard ruled line, but instead shows as
> the written (typed?) syntax entered into the Manila Composer window?
> To see what I mean, look at  Look
> just above the bold, red-font typed line that says, "I should have known
> better."  You'll see the <hr> just hanging there, instead of it causing the
> desired html result.

Both the Firefox & IE WYSIWYG completely suck; what makes it even more special 
is that they suck in completely different ways.

IE's produces terrible, nonstandard, ugly HTML; even better, if you correct 
it, the next time you open it with the wysiwyg, it rewrites back into the 
borked state IE likes.

Firefox's (really, Mozilla's) doesn't behave correctly when you press the 
Enter key unless you jump through hoops, and its so-called support for CSS is 
a nasty joke.

There are other problems, but those are the biggies.

That's why our company uses Real Objects for our clients, which integrates 
into Manila pretty darn well. Unfortunately, it's expensive, but it's the 
best solution out there.


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