Site gone walk about

Lawrence Lee lawrence at
Wed May 11 13:23:15 PDT 2005

The table looks correct.

<site address="energyManilaWebsite" name="energy">

So there's an entry called "energy" in the config.manila.sites table?

You might try setting up the debug call in mainresponder.respond

Lawrence Lee
UserLand Software

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It's attached. But I thought manila sites were routed through config.manila?

I'm struggling to remember where I need to grab the pagetable info from in
mainresponder so I can see where the request is being misdirected (and a
quick search yesterday didn't easily reveal the info).

If something's not obvious in the domains table, just remind where I need to
look in mainresponder (so I can stick a temporary call in to trap the
pagetable and see what's going on).


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