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/I have two manila sites that I'd like to keep all the contents in sync ... but presume that the normal (web based way) ... would not create entries in the #changes table. ... Is there a way to do this already builtin or do I need to think about writing my own callback?/

At this point in time, there's no built-in function for doing this. It's probably a deceptively large task to do this kind of synchronization, so you might want to consider using another method like a nightly copy from the database or something similar.

Having said that, here are some things you should consider if you decide to go this route:

* You'll need to synchronize edits in addition to newly created content.
* If you have any users who edit content in their sites using Manila's RPC interface or the MetaWeblog API (like MarsEdit and SmartManila do), then you'll need to test using those interfaces as well as the browser.
* Templates, navigation links and other preferences may or may not need to be tracked in addition to DG content, and callbacks may or may not exist for these
* You'll need to make sure that the various indexes and counters that Manila maintains get properly synchronized as well as content itself
* What about changes to members and their preferences?
* What happens to content that's added to the client of the subscribable website? Does it synchronize the other direction, or is this a one-way operation?

Food for thought.

I for one am very interested to see if you have success with this approach. It may turn out that it's easier to do this than I thought.

But looking at the list above, and considering that we've had few requests for this feature, you can probably see why we haven't invested a lot of time in a solution up to this point.


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