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Thu Aug 3 15:05:34 CDT 2006

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By: ken tompkins (ken at

I haven't had occasion to use the Manila aggregator since early last spring. I was giving a workshop today and couldn't get it to display selected subscriptions.

We would:

1. Go to the subscription page and select a couple of subscriptions.
2. Hit the submit button.
3. Add "aggregator" to the site's url.
4. We'd get this error: Sorry! There was an error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name "permalink" hasn't been defined.

The error was detected by Frontier 9.5 in mainResponder.respond. Webmaster: ken at Time: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 19:57:42 GMT.

I just did a search on the forum and found one request for help in May of this year where a chap in Canada got the same error. His problem was never solved in the forum.

So, anyone got an idea about how to fix this?

This is Manila version 9.6b3 on a Windows machine.

This is a Manila site...

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