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By: Jeremy Reichman (jaharmi at

Okay, I was sitting in front of the computer while the lockup happened, so now I know that in one case it took less than an hour. I'm at full CPU usage, although my other foreground apps don't seem to be suffering -- and they haven't when I've noticed other Frontier lockups.

Since I can switch to Frontier, I will correct myself and say that this is an extreme slowdown rather than outright lockup. I'll see if this recovers on its own while I go walk the dog. ;)

FWIW, I had 231 hits for Manila in the About box. Before I started having this problem -- which at least seems to correspond to my server move -- I was able to get into the tens of thousands of hits with Manila and had no major ill effects. Well, some /other/ things would slow down and I'd clear that up by quitting and relaunching Manila.

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