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By: David Detlefsen (detlefsend at

As likely many others...I've got a problem with referrer spam.

I have a simple responder that works fairly well rejecting anybody requesting a specifc path (condition set to path == '/stats/referrers").

I can also reject specific IP addresses (eg condition set to client =="spamming.dotted.ip.address" or path == "/stats.referrers).

However, I'd like to reject based on domain name using the condition. The param table that I believe is in scope during the request is a rich source of information upon which I could build a condtion but I'm unable to access subtables (like requestHeaders where "Referer" entrie exists).

I tried using (string.lower(requestHeaders.Refer) contains something_to_filter_for and it doesn't work. Either I'm doing someting wrong or the full request table is not in scope.

This is a Manila site...

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