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By: Mark Freden (Mark at

Has anyone else run into this problem?

When I use;

manilaMacros.pictureRef ("nameOfPic", glossRef:"nameOfPage")

I get;

[Macro error: Can’t find a sub-table named “”.]

I've tracked it down in the manilaMacros.pictureRef script during the following test;

if glossRef != "" { //05/04/13, 10:27:43 by DAB
 if htmlText beginsWith "[[#" {
 local (ix = string.patternMatch (' ', glossRefValue));
 glossRefValue = string.delete (glossRefValue, 1, ix);
 glossRefValue = string.nthField (glossRefValue, '|', 2); «this is the part we keep
 htmltext = "[[#glossPatch " + htmltext + "|" + glossRefValue + "|]]"}
 else { //assume it's an a href
 glossRefAtts[1].["/pcdata"] = htmltext;
 htmltext = string.trimwhiteSpace(string.nthField(xml.decompile(@glossRefAtts), "\n", 2))}}

It appears that the glossRefAtts[1].["/pcdata"] item (after the else clause) does not get created during the xml.compile(glossRefValue, @glossRefAtts) command earlier in the script.

This only happens when the glossary item that is referenced is in table form (obviously).

thanks for any insight!


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