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By: John Newitt (john.newitt at

Maybe I am not "doing it right", but the "Replace All" button doesn't seem to be working for me. Nothing appears to happen when I click on it. If I click on the "Find" button, it will find the next unreplaced string, and if I click on "Replace" it will replace it with my new string and advance to the next found string. But nada for "Replace All". I'm using Frontier 9.6b1 on a Windows 2003 server.

I'm trying to replace strings for the changed file path, shortcut, and URL of my Gems from "mysite/gems" to reflect the new "mysite/manila/gems" so that the list of Gems/Files displays correctly when Editors click on the "Files" link (they do when I manually fix these items in the entry for each gem).

- John

This is a Manila site...

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