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By: Tim Merritt (tmerritt at

I found a successful workaround that includes membership information, but again, it requires access to the server. I copied the manilaWebsites.root file (less than 500MB for all our blogs; of course YMMV) to another machine running the 60-day Manila demo. Using Jason Levine's ExportManilaToMT script [1], we've been able to begin to export the sites to MovableType-compatible .txt files. They import just fine to TypePad, and to WordPress. The default is for these imported posts to come in as Drafts. Changing the /absentMembersForceDraft/ argument to /false/ brings them into the new site as Published.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions; total kudos to Jason Levine for providing a relatively easy-to-use escape hatch.


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