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By: Jeremy Reichman (jaharmi at

Okay, I just had need to use this again, had a repeat of the same problem, and it's funny that I found my own DG post from many years ago.

Anyway, when I run renderWholeSite(), I now get most of my site but am missing two years' summary directories (2004 and 2005) from right in the middle of my site's existence. I get the other folders for each year, from 1999 to 2006, and most seem to have the correct subfolders for summaries. The year 2003, however, is missing a summary folder.

I'm also lacking summary HTML files for the missing years. The year 2003 does have a summary HTML page, even though it is missing subfolders.

Could this be related to a switch from a traditional Manila site to a News Items site? What other factors could account for it?



This is a Manila site...

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