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By: Jeremy Reichman (jaharmi at

Bummer on the CPU utilization, but it's okay because I've only got one CPU now. (Well, I still have the older G4 and could go back to it.) However, that also means I have one less CPU to respond to the other stuff beyond Frontier, and the system is lightly used for other things.

I'm seeing between 200-600 hits per hour for my blog even with Frontier locking up for huge swaths of time. (In my Hourly Hits, I see that seven out of the twelve hour blocks yesterday had 0 hits. But I see spikes of up to around 600/hour when the site must be working. And today is much better so far. Still, yikes.) I don't have a lot of historical data because I never really got Manila's common logging to work (although I gather there was a fix after I gave up [1]).

So far, 9.1b4 is working great. Knock on wood. (I say this, and fifteen minutes later it'll lock up again, right?) Would v10 be a better choice, despite its prerelease nature? I did appreciate that the 9.1b4 upgrade was painless.


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