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It's years later. This install has been running flawlessly since my last post on this thread, over 3 years ago. In the meantime, I built a timesheet system in Manila (connected to MySql via ODBC) that was used for 2 years, accumulated almost 200,000 entries, and never failed.

But...Friday, the drive failed. Directory corruption. Machine wouldn't boot. Had backups of Frontier and MySql tables, so I rebuilt the server...

..only to encounter the same "Database not selected" error. Searching for a clue, a Google search brought me to this thread, a thread I started. I had forgotten this.

So I hoped the solution would be the same, but nothing so easy. I've learned a few things in the last few years though, so I now know that the .ini files referenced above are just text configuration files. See

So I just added a line with the database name, and we're off again.

***Always have backups

[Since finding this thread was key to my solving this, I thought I'd post the answer back here again. Thanks, Userland.]

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