Best Way To Lock-up CreateASite?

Samuel Reynolds sam at
Mon Jan 29 12:33:51 CST 2007

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>By: ken tompkins (ken at
>I've seen that. The problem is that it throws the creation -- in our 
>case -- onto the faculty who have to create, in some cases, weblogs for
>40 students in a class.
>I was hoping for a solution that would block everyone EXCEPT those 
>coming in from our IP. That way, they could still create their own 
>sites but be limited to our students.
>ken tompkins

I have an Allow/Deny plugin, as part of a suite of admin
plugins. I have done very little Frontier stuff in the
past couple of years, but it was solid then.

It allows the Frontier admin (and, IIRC, individual site Admins)
to specify what IP addresses are allowed and/or denied access to
the server/sites, including wildcards (e.g., ALLOW 192.168.10.*,
ALLOW 192.168.*.*, DENY 66.94.234.*). The intent of the plugin is
to make IP-based filtering work correctly and usefully (unlike the
simple block- explicit-IP-addresses-in-list approach that's baked
into Frontier).

My stuff's mostly in storage at the moment, as we're
trying to sell the house, but I'll see if I can locate it.

Would you be interested in 'adopting' this plugin?
It's yours if you want it.

- Sam 

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