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By: ken tompkins (ken at

I am referring to the Hosting Prefs page (2.2).

If, for example, I enter (the domain I want to restrict access to) in the box on this page, I won't be able to create a blog with the email address of ken at This DOES work though
the fact that the error message GIVES the correct domain undercuts the
result. It should merely say something like: "You are not allowed to
create a weblog on this server."

What I predict will happen here is that a student will invent a college email address and a site will be created. Of course, the confirmation email will never get to the abuser (though an unwanted and unused blog WILL be created).

The Security Prefs setting which blocks HTTP access doesn't help us much because students come into the Manila server from many different IPs. This will block legitimate users from even seeing their site or a class site.

I guess we are half there. I'd prefer the error message that I suggest above. If anyone knows where that is and if I can change it, I'd appreciate it.

ken tompkins

This is a Manila site...

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