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Yes, but that generates overlapping lists that can be very large. I'm posting 1 news item every business day, so my site will rapidly scale up to a point that new visitors can't easily navigate the old items.

Here's the requirement, restated:
I'd like to generate categorized nested lists to make it easier for them to scan older content.

For example, I have news items that belong to multiple departments, such as "Release 11i", "Release 12", "System Administration", and "Certifications".

If I use the existing macro to generate a list of "Release 11i" articles, the list is long and unwieldy.

Instead, I'd like to generate a list of "Release 11i" articles sorted into subcategories such as "System Administration" and "Certifications". So, the macro syntax I'd like would be something like this:

{viewNewsItems (n, Dept1, Dept2, Dept3)}

Where the generated list is boolean ANDed.

So, the following would generate a 20-entry list of news items belonging to both the "Release 11i" and "System Administration" departments:

{viewNewsItems (20, "Release 11i", "System Administration")}

Another possible refinement: a macro that lists the top N most-popular items broken down by by departments ANDed together.

That would allow an automatically-generated list such as, "Ten most popular Release 11i articles for system administrators."

Make sense?


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