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I have been up and down the scripts and can't find where this is happening. We are running a fully updated copy of Manila under a brand new Frontier 9.5 installer on Windows 2003. When I capture htmlText from both mainResponder.discuss.readMessage and manilaSuite.renderNewsPage a

 tag is inserted before the body of the discussion message that I have specified for the homepage, even if the home page is set to the first discussionGroup message. I have no plug-ins or callbacks since this is a clean install of Frontier. The site is a freshly created site with the original vanilaManila1999 theme, but it doesn't matter what the theme is set to. I have set the autoParagraphs to false everywhere that I can as well as addLineFeeds. Why you might ask? We came across this while trying to vaildate a site for issues on our production server and the only error was this one loney



As always thanks for the reply that I am losing my mind.

-josh allen

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