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By: Ryan Hale (ryan.hale at

Hello Everyone -

I've noticed over the last couple of days that Frontier performance had started to slow down significantly. In checking the memory and CPU usage, I noticed that upon starting Frontier, the memory usage seemed fine, but it would grow, over a period of a few minutes, to very high usage (from 8,000k to 104,000k +) and ultimately peg the CPU usage at 99-100%. Eventually, Frontier crashes. Again, this happens in a matter of minutes.

I've compacted all of the .root files, including the 4 ManilaWebsite files and any others that seemed very large and this didn't seem to help the situation.

I'm not aware of any changes to the server or Frontier configuration recently, so it seems strange for this to begin all of a sudden. Here is the information on the machine and Frontier:

Frontier 9.5
Windows Server 2003, Web Edition, SP1
AMD Athlon Processor 2Ghz, 2GB RAM

Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to diagnose...


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