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By: Patrick Schwisow (pschwisow at

I am fighting with an issue where on of my site owners cannot edit one of her stories. To be more specific, she logs in, goes to the story, and clicks "Edit this Page". The WYSIWYG editor loads and she can make changes, but when she "Post[s] Changes", the story re-loads without any changes taking effect.

The only workaround I've discovered is to disable WYSIWYG in Prefs. (I'd rather not have to teach her to write HTML if I can avoid it.) The problem seems to affect Mozilla and Firefox (and probably Netscape as well). I don't believe IE is affected, but since the site owner uses a Mac, that is not an option.

The server is running Frontier 9.0 on Mac OS X 10.3.

This is a Manila site...

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