#members attribute

David A. Bayly dbayly at udena.ch
Mon Jan 6 10:24:29 PST 2003

>This is escaping me at the moment. After upgrading to Frontier 9 and 
>moving to new hardware I'm seeing this error when trying to access 
>editorial functions:
>#members attribute must be either a table or the name of a sub-table 
>or valid address or string in members.root
>As far as I can tell, this refers to the #members object in the 
>site's admin table -- but it IS a valid address in members.root. I 
>sort of have the feeling I'm overlooking something obvious!
>Pete Harbeson

Did you change the file paths to the Guest Database fodler? If yes, 
all the websites that point to addresses in the members root have an 
incorrect path. If you did change the file paths, there is likely a 
lot else wrong too, Frontier is very sensitive to that.

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