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I have to think that David's idea of multiple sites all tied together 
is the way to go, work with the strengths of manila instead of against 
it is always the best plan I think.  You might also look at the amazing 
metaData (  plugin for some 
ways of orgainizing the data as well.  I only suggest it because it is 
awesome and i would NEVER hava a manila site with out it.  It should be 
call the MEGAData  MACHINE.

Sam D
On Wednesday, January 15, 2003, at 03:17 AM, David A. Bayly wrote:

>> Question: Want to have a Manila site that manages a large scale 
>> discussion.
>> Also want to have that discussion branch from 5 different discussion 
>> boards
>> for instance (Life, Sports, Movies, Music and Animals). User clicks 
>> on the
>> discuss link on the home page and is brought to a second page that 
>> lists the
>> five major categories that are being discussed. Ideally that same 
>> page lists
>> a message count for each category, a topic count within each category 
>> and
>> the most recent post.
>> Here's the scheme:
>> Home Page -> Discussion Page
>> Discussion Page -> (five categories)
>> Each Category -> it's own set of discussions
>> Has anyone done this?
>> How hard is this to do?
>> Is anyone willing to do this?
>> How long would it take you to do this?
> I've been involved in 2 projects that did this. They both 
> (independently) hit on the same solution multiple websites that looked 
> the same. In your case 5 web sites with 5 distinct DGs and one main 
> website, perhaps a separate one again,  contains the page with the 
> links to the category. Back links to the DG choice page in your 
> templates and you've cracked it.
> If you have a very active discussion, then splitting the DG to keep 
> the number of messages down is a good thing to do, because Manila will 
> have problems at some magic number of messages  because of the way 
> that DGs are stored as a table of tables. The limiting  number will 
> depend on circumstances and is likely > 10K messages but it something 
> to keep in mind.
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