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Bruce Cornett bcornett at servlet.com
Sat Jan 18 11:20:30 PST 2003

Manila folks.

I have noticed several times recently that my manila server was responding 
very slowing to requests - actually it responded very slowly to the first 
request and then slightly better from there (by slowly, it was several 
seconds - maybe 5 - before the page appeared on one of our internal 
workstations).    I happened to be in front of it today and ran the task 
manager and found I was maxing out the CPU.  So I stopped it and restarted 
and watched while I had a search engine spidering the site. It wasn't as 
bad - after restarting, but it still used plenty of CPU cycles.   The 
memory footprint remained the same - but CPUs were flatlined at the top and 
all that memory lay there wasting away.

This machine is still sitting in my work area and not on the production 
racks so I stop/start Manila from time to time.  It has been running for 
several days now - but certainly not a week.  Things like this make me 
afraid to move it to the racks.

Any ideas on what might cause it to bog down like that and then stay bogged 

Running on W2K server - this is a PIII 550 or thereabouts.  Version 9.

I noticed this earlier in the week also - at that time, it seemed like it 
was having a hard time displaying the bits and pieces of the themes.

I only have a few sites running on this - three are virtual domains and the 
there are a couple sub domains.  Only one site is very active - and it 
would not be considered busy at all by our usual standards.

Your comments will be appreciated.

Bruce C

At 01:05 PM 1/18/2003, you wrote:
>I already tried to ask help on this, but without result so far. The
>ScriptingNews XML file
>(http://roncaglia.homeip.net/MerzLog/xml/scriptingNews2.xml) of my
>Manila-Frontier site works well, while the RSS XML file
>(http://roncaglia.homeip.net/MerzLog/xml/rss.xml) has never worked, for what
>appears to be a problem in handling entities. Why? Any suggestion to correct
>the problem?
>Gino Roncaglia

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