Search Prefs Done, What Next?

Dan Geiser
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 01:53:55 -0400

Hello, All,
Using this page...

...I have went through the process of enabling my search prefs.  Even though 
the example listed the Search Engine Server as Search.Userland.Com I set it 
to Search.EditThisPage.Com because I saw some other weblogs doing it that 

Question #1: Is it ok to use that as the search enginge server?  Or should I 
use Search.Userland.Com or even Search.ManilaSites.Com?

After the prefs are setup the HowTo says...

Now your site is searchable

The next step is to let the search engine know about your site. You can do 
that by editing your home page. Then visit the Sites page. Your site should 
show up in the list.
Question #2: How do I let the search engine know about my site?  It doesn't 
give any indicator whatsoever how am I supposed to edit my home page to do 

Thanks In Advance,
Dan Geiser <>

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