Versioning - Visual Source Safe?

Jim Byrne
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:27:11 +0100

on 15/8/01 12:09 am, Dylan at wrote:

> Hello, everybody.
> My company is currently evaluating Frontier and Manilla, and one of our
> rigid constraints before acceptance is some sort of version control
> integration.
> Knowing Manilla to be just about the most open and extensible software I've
> encountered, there must be some way to integrate the editing of pages (gems
> as well?) with a versioning system like VSS or CVS.
> Can anyone provide any information about this? Hints? Documents? Full-blown
> tutorials?
> Yes it is possible / No it is not possible
> Thanks,
> Dylan Parker

I don't know how it is implemented but there is versioning built in for
editing of pages.  If one person is editing a page - it is not possible for
someone else to edit it.  Click on the Admin menu and scroll down to the
bottom of the page - you will see a section called 'Custody'.

Find out more about Custody here:

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