Versioning - Visual Source Safe?

Thu, 16 Aug 2001 09:56:15 -0700

> Dylan,
> I don't know how it is implemented but there is versioning built in for
> editing of pages.  If one person is editing a page - it is not
> possible for
> someone else to edit it.  Click on the Admin menu and scroll down to the
> bottom of the page - you will see a section called 'Custody'.
> Find out more about Custody here:
> All the best,
> Jim

Thanks for the info Jim.

I was aware of the locking mechanism built into Manila, but I think we are
looking for a bit more control and finer granularity.

The concern is that someone may do damage to a page and we will want to
rollback a few revisions... and ideally LOOK at all the revisions before we

Some sort of integration with Visual Source Safe (ahh! Microsoft) or CVS
would be able to do this.

I've been digging deeper into the specifics of UserTalk, and Manila as an
application within Frontier etc... and I'm quite astounded! Everything is
right there.. =)

I think I may have figured a way to do what I want... effectively adding to
the custody.checkIn and checkOut scripts in manila.root...

I'm thinking that I should be able to make command-line calls to SourceSafe
and copy around content as needed. An idea anyways...

Another possible approach might be something that works with static
rendering. Once the files are on disk, it is even easier to do some sort of
revision control...

So many choices... and it's not really even my project to be working on
this... I just can't resist! =)

Thanks again.
Dylan Parker