Deletions in Discussion Group?

Dean Landsman
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:14:50 -0500

Thanks, Ken

What I meant, actually was this: when I look at the /discuss page, I would
like to see it without all the picture refs.

But I do appreciate the tip on the DG side of things, which I hope to start
using to a greater degree sometime in 2002.

And Ken, I gave you kudos and a mention in my 12/17 blog!!!!

Thanks again, Ken.


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Subject: Re: Deletions in Discussion Group?

Hey Dean,

Do you want to actually delete the message/picture from the site or
are you trying to hide them without deleting? You can delete a
message by number using the Admin page accessible from the Editors
Only links or by editing it as a single DG message  (not in the topic
list view) using the Admin box that appears below the message.

You can't hide a message from the DG - everything shows up unless it's

>Is there a method by which one can delete items from the Discussion review
>page ( ?
>Or possibly better stated, is there a way to streamline or put in order the
>items on this page?

Ken @

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