Deletions in Discussion Group?

Ken Dow
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 15:52:43 -0500

>What I meant, actually was this: when I look at the /discuss page, I would
>like to see it without all the picture refs.

'Fraid not, although this is the single most requested DG feature. 
You can eiither use gems to upload pictures, but then you'd have to 
built image links manually. Or you can run a separate DG on another 
site with the same theme, creating the illusion of an image free 
discussion group.

>And Ken, I gave you kudos and a mention in my 12/17 blog!!!!

Hey, thanks eh! :-) Unfortunately I haven't updated KensDigest.Com in 
ages. Too much work these past few months....

Ken @

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