Well, I've done something stupid

Daniel Berlinger Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 14:51:51 -0500

> I have a site on manilasites.com 
> Just before the holidays, I changed the structure to eliminate membership.  Over 
> the holidays, I rebuilt the computer, and thereby wiped out the cookie for my 
> own site.  Now when I go to my home page there is no way for me to log in, so 
> therefore no way, without the cookie, for me to be recognized as the editor or 
> to access my editing features.
> What to do?
> We may all be newbies here, but some of us are newbier than others...

The cookie isn't really the issue. If you know the email address you used, simply try and login. When you can't present the password, it will be sent to your email address.

When it arrives login, and you're all set.

In case you removed the Login linkfrom your pages, it is


That should do it,