Can't create new message

Scott Granneman
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 11:25:59 -0600

Are they using WebWasher or Junkbuster or some other personal proxy 
software? There's a setting in WebWasher that they will need to change.


Ken Dow wrote:

> Sounds like he using a browser that doesn't supply the referer, which 
> Manila needs for a security check it performs. Can they try a different 
> browser?
>> One of the teachers can't post a new message from his home computer 
>> because
>> of an error:
>> Sorry! There was an error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name
>> "referer" hasn't been defined. The error was detected by Frontier 
>> 7.0.1 in
>> mainResponder.respond.
>> This only happens from 1 computer.
>> Any suggestions?

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