Searching all sites - second try

Ken Dow
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 08:25:07 -0500

The sampleSearch script does search the entire index, so if you're 
not seeing other sites it's probably because they have been 
configured to be indexed (Prefs > Searching). Also, keep in mind that 
only changes made after a site is configured for indexing will turn 
up in searches because the Manila search architecture works on demand 
not by crawling sites. There's a script kicking around Userland 
somewhere that will index existing sites but I can't put my hand on 
it at the moment...

>I have been able to set up searching with the makeMacroLegal script at
>workspace.makeMacroLegal and I have installed the sampleSearch script at
>I have my home page set up and it works nicely - I have
>{workspace.sampleSearch ()}and it successfully returns searches for items
>in other stories, etc.
>However, I need to be able to search all the other sites being created for
>other sites on the same server.

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