Bulletins (again)

Don Wolff Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:51:50 -0800

I am having some troubles with bulletins with users that join any of the web
sites I am hosting. People can join with no problem, and they select to have
bulletins sent to them. The trouble is that bulletins aren't being sent out,
and the users can't be seen in the membership list for bulletins.

I have been able to get people to receive bulletins by opening the
manilaWebsite.root on the server, going to the site in question, opening the
#membershipGroup table, getting into the Users table, expanding a user,
expanding their bulletins table, adding a table with the same name as the
site and moving the pre existing enabled ad inhtml tables into that new

My question is, is there somewhere in the Frontier database to create/set a
table that will automatically do all of that for me when a new user joins a

This is happening on all of the sites I host on this server. Any help would
be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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