Bulletins (again)

Jerome Camus Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 11:28:19 +0100

>I am having some troubles with bulletins with users that join any of the web
>sites I am hosting. People can join with no problem, and they select to have
>bulletins sent to them. The trouble is that bulletins aren't being sent out,
>and the users can't be seen in the membership list for bulletins.
>I have been able to get people to receive bulletins by opening the
>manilaWebsite.root on the server, going to the site in question, opening the
>#membershipGroup table, getting into the Users table, expanding a user,
>expanding their bulletins table, adding a table with the same name as the
>site and moving the pre existing enabled ad inhtml tables into that new
>My question is, is there somewhere in the Frontier database to create/set a
>table that will automatically do all of that for me when a new user joins a
>This is happening on all of the sites I host on this server.

The same is occuring to me.  Hosting on MAC OS 9.0.4 with Frontier 
7.0.1 running over 100 MB of RAM.
Worse.  when going to the  givenSite/bulletins/list page, the list of 
subscribers is blank.

I've posted something about this nearly a month & a half ago and have 
heard nothing since.

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